The Georgie Badiel Foundation believes that all human beings have a fundamental right to available clean drinking water, sanitation facilities and education. We are committed to building, restoring and maintaining wells, as well as providing sanitation facilities in Burkina Faso and our neighboring  Sub-Saharan African countries . By doing so, we enable millions of women and children to get an education and contribute to their communities versus spending the majority of their time traveling long-distances to fetch water.

Do We Work With?

The Georgie Badiel Foundation works directly with communities who are in critical need of wells and sanitation facilities. By working on a local level, we are able to assess and understand their needs first-hand and provide solutions that are impactful in transforming their lives.
We have worked with people from all levels within their communities. From school principals to village chiefs, community leaders and beyond, the Georgie Badiel Foundation is there to make a difference.

What Do We Do?

Provide clean drinking water to the people of Burkina Faso and the neighboring sub-Saharan countries.
Provide access to toilets and sanitation facilities to villages and schools.
Plant trees to fight desertification.
Teach and train women on water well maintenance and restoration.
Educate and encourage villages to set aside funds for savings that will be utilize for their own well maintenance after the Foundation moves on.
Encourage families to send their children to school, particularly after access to clean drinking water is made available.
Create jobs in Burkina Faso by employing local workers.
Develop new solutions and technology with the University of Ouagadougou and Columbia University to address the issue of water and sanitation access in Burkina Faso and sub-Sahara Africa.

Where We Are Making an Impact!

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Thank you to our generous corporate sponsors for their support and active participation in enabling the Georgie Badiel Foundation to carry out its mission.

Major Donors

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