Transforming Lives with Water

The Georgie Badiel foundation is a 501-(c)(3) charitable organization which aims to provide clean water, educational programs, and reforestation projects to the people of Burkina Faso by building and restoring wells, providing technical training in well operation and maintenance, creating educational programs for sanitary and hygiene practice, and investing in agricultural reforestation initiatives. We are developing sustainable solutions that will empower individuals for generations to come.

Our Achievements

Since 2015, The Georgie Badiel Foundation has transformed communities across Burkina Faso. Opportunities for a future starts with clean and accessible drinking water. Our accomplishments are possible because of the support of our generous donors:

Constructed 13 life-giving wells, which provide local communities with a source of fresh water
Installed 10 toilets in schools, supplying students with clean and functional sanitation facilities
Restored 51 wells in villages and schools across Burkina Faso
Trained and educated 50 women in restoration, maintenance, and service of their village’s well
Educated over 4,000 students about basic hygiene and sanitary practices in an effort to promote good health in their communities
Planted 1,050 trees
We reach 150 000 people with clean water

Get Involved!

Clean water, sanitation, and hygiene are of critical importance to a community; creating opportunities, unlocking education, economic prosperity, and improved health.
Join us in making the dream of clean water a reality!

The Water Princess

The Water Princess is an award-winning children’s book based on Georgie’s childhood experiences. co-authored by Georgie Badiel and Susan Verde and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds. Recognized as one of New York Public Library’s Best Picture Books in 2016.

Readers follow Princess GieGie on her hot and arduous daily journey to fetch water for her family. Determined to bring clean water to her brothers and sisters in Burkina Faso and to raise awareness about the global water crisis around the world inspired Georgie to create the Georgie Badiel Foundation.

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