Transforming Lives with Water

The Georgie Badiel Foundation aims to provide clean, accessible water to the people of Burkina Faso. By building local wells, we are developing lasting solutions that will improve the lives of these wonderful communities for generations to come.

Our Achievements

Since 2015, the Georgie Badiel Foundation has been transforming communities in Burkina Faso with our mission. We are proud of what we have accomplished and we need your support to continue.

We have built 13 life-giving wells enabling local communities to have access to clean water.
We have built 10 toilets in Reo Application School so that students can have access to sanitation facilities.
We have restored 51 wells in villages and school.
We have trained and educated 50 women to restore, maintain and service their villages’ wells.
We have educated over 4,000 students on basic hygiene practices to promote good health.
We have planted 1,050 trees in the Tanguin Dassouri, to provide future generations with shade, fruit and halt desertification.

Get Involved!

The Georgie Badiel Foundation is shaping countless villages across Burkina Faso by providing clean water and sanitation facilities. Please join us to empower these communities, whose lives have been affected by desertification and a lack of local water.

The Water Princess

The Water Princess is an award-winning children’s book co-authored by Georgie Badiel and Susan Verde and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds. Named one of the New York Public Library’s Best Picture Books in 2016, the story behind “The Water Princess” is near and dear to Georgie’s heart, because she actually lived it. Readers follow Gie Gie on her daily journey to fetch water for her family, a hot and arduous trek that inspired Georgie to found the Georgie Badiel Foundation.


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