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The Georgie Badiel Foundation has several ways you can take action to transform lives.
Every dollar amount raised goes to carry out the Georgie Badiel Foundation mission.
$10 000 will completely fund the drilling and installation of a new well. The Georgie Badiel Foundation will install a plaque in your honor or the person of your choice.
$3000 will construct 6 gender specific composting toilets in a school or a village. The lack of sanitation facilities is a major issue in Burkina Faso and beyond. Your generous contribution will help solve this problem.
$2000 will restore and maintain three broken wells in a school and nearby villages. The Georgie Badiel Foundation will train villagers to maintain their wells which empowers them and breaks the cycle of water deprivation.
$1000  will restore one well and help maintain it for two years.
$500 will restore one well bringing water to hundreds of villagers or school children.
$200 will maintain an existing  well for one year.
$100 will plant 60 trees to help us fight against desertification.
$50 will provide grain seeds to women for agriculture.
$10 will plant 6 nutritious  moringa trees close to a well so they can be watered and thrive.

For Teachers & Schools

Teachers and schools interested in supporting the Georgie Badiel Foundation and learn directly what we do, please contact Kathy directly at to learn more on how your students can make a difference.

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